Indian Association of Teacher Educators (IATE)

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The journal TEACHER EDUCATION is the official journal of the Indian Association of Teacher Educators (IATE) which is the only representative body of about 2000 teacher education colleges of all levels with five regional offices in the country. The journal provides academic and professional forum to which contributors around the world are invited to share their researches, views and experiences in the areas covering teacher ducation for publication. The journal also publishes review articles, research notes and book reviews. Authors are requested to send two copies of the manuscript typed in double space in the software MS-Word along with the 3 ½’’ floppy thereof.

Guidelines for Authors
  • Papers / articles submitted for the journal should be original contuibutions and should not have been / be sent to any other publication
  • Manuscript should be clearly typed in double space on one side of the sheet
  • Author’s name, designation, address etc. along with a brief note about the author should appear on a separate page
  • Manuscript should be prefaced by abstract of about 100-150 words
  • Tables should be in double space on separate sheets and with self explanatory titles
  • Figures, if any, should be on separate sheets and suitable for photographic reproduction
  • In the text, references ahould be inserted, without comments, with the name of the author, year of accompanying publoication and page numbers, e.g. (Koul, 1985, pp 10-15)
  • Leave generous margins on all sides; use papers of reasonable quality and the same sized sheets throughhout. Number the pages consecutively
References cited in the test must be given at the paper in alphabetical order in the style:author’s name, forename / initials, title of publication (In Italics in case of a book, and in double quotation in case of an article, and the source, journal or book, in Italics), pleace of publication followed by colon (:) mark, publisher, year of publication, ‘page number and any other additional information, journal number, date etc. to illustrate, a few examples are given below:
  • Gega, c. peter, Science in Elementary Education, New York: McMillan publishing company, 1986
  • Das. N., ‘’Reactions of Primary School Teachers towards Training through Interactive Television’’. Indian journal of Open Learning,(1&2),1997
  • Mcintyre D.,’’A Research Agenda for Initial Teacher Education’’. In Donals Mcintyre (Ed). Teacher Education Research in a New Context, London: paul Champion, 1997